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Minor Dents

The Right Choice In Minor Dents

Minor Dents happen to the best of us. Maybe a box fell on your car, a gate closed too soon, someone sat on your hood or leaned on the wrong spot. These things can cause unusual damage that we categorize as “minor dents.” In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen all sorts of things happen to vehicles that cause minor dents, and we’re happy to take care of them for you.

Sometimes insurance adjusters use the phrase “minor impact collision” to describe a vehicle accident where the damage to the vehicle cannot be seen by the naked eye or has repairable dents to the car body.

Our highly-trained repair team specializes in restoring your car back to its former condition. Click below to get a free estimate now, or feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns.


How It Works


You may either drop your car at our facility or wait in our lobby and watch as your car is being repaired.


We perform a thorough inspection to identify all damage. Then we generate your repair estimate.


Our team of experts begins to repair your vehicle. During this time we will keep you informed as to where we are in the repair process.


At this time we will go through our quality control process to ensure all repairs have met our standards inside and out.


We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

  • positive review Exceeded my expectations! Top quality results!

    Sherry Grubbs Avatar
    Sherry Grubbs

    You need work done on your car? These are the guys to see. Took very good care of my car. Treated me with the utmost respect. Got my car back the same day. Very satisfied with the work done on my car. Thanks fellas.

    Reid Smith Avatar
    Reid Smith

    5 star ratingThey saved my porsche. Professional people. Find building 22. Took me 5 mins. I can not see the ding no more.

    Jun L. Avatar
    Jun L.
  • positive review They did amazing work on my vehicle after our severe hail storms. So friendly and professional to work with while providing us with amazing results! I will return and tell everyone I know to use them!

    Karissa O'Brien Avatar
    Karissa O'Brien

    5 star ratingThis place rocks! Patrick and his guys KNOW Paintless dent repair. Today was the third time using them in 4 years. I got a nasty first door dingbat the lake Saturday night. I called Patrick and he told me they could look at it and if it was not to bad fix it while I waited. I went to the shop and was told to pull it in. The guys said it could be fixed in 30 minuets if I wanted to wait! How bout that! They had it finished in 20 minuets and it looked flawless! Just like the times they worked on my wife's Suburban, perfection! It was $80 and I was off! Highly recommend these guys if you care about your vehicles. They do great work, at a great price !!

    Randy D. Avatar
    Randy D.

    My 3 month old Subaru took a pounding from golf ball size hail and I cannot believe how good of a job these guys did. Between them and Geico my insurance company this was the easiest process I’ve ever had to deal with. Any future dings I get on my car will be repaired by them!

    kevin j Avatar
    kevin j
  • Just stop shopping around and bring your vehicle to these guys! I am blown away by 3 things I found here:
    1. These guys are true professionals who understand their craft like car surgeons. They have years of experience, and have worked hard to learn how to do what they do.
    2. They’re literally artists, with a hint of perfectionism sprinkled in. I watched them fix a nasty dent in my tailgate, working the metal with care and precision until it virtually disappeared. Even when I would have been satisfied with the work, Patrick wasn’t, he continued finessing it until it looked nearly like factory finish.
    3. They’re just nice guys. They were willing to work with me on a same day basis due to a tight schedule, plus they were conversational, friendly and willing to educate me on their craft. They explained everything about the process for me and were willing to answer all my questions. Their pricing was fair and they actually look forward to individuals bringing vehicles in, because the majority of their work comes from dealerships, so for them, having interaction with a human being is welcome.

    I’m more than satisfied with the service, customer service and excellent craftsmanship I got here. What they do is seriously an art and they deserve a lot of praise for what they do.

    I hope they earn your business. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry you got damage on your vehicle, but the sooner you get your car to these guys, the sooner your good up will be behind you.

    Jason Ward Avatar
    Jason Ward

    This is a very professional shop! They do great work and my car looked just like new after they repaired it! The staff are very friendly the the shop itself is very clean and organized! I would definitely recommend this shop!

    Tony S Avatar
    Tony S

    5 star ratingAwesome! Great service!! I was able to bring my car in person on my day off, didn't have to wait for an appointment. They clearly walked me through the estimate and the services to be performed. Service was quick and price was reasonable and competitive. I was able to get the dents repaired same day. Highly recommend!!

    Mary H. Avatar
    Mary H.
  • Was a bit nervous dropping off my car but after seeing the reviews and seeing how professional they were and the service I would recommend them to my friends and family would definitely go back no hesitation

    Victor Guardado Avatar
    Victor Guardado

    5 star ratingI had a couple of small dents on my 2018 Lexus Nx 300 & had these guys fix them & they did a beautiful job. One of the "dings " was on a crease which I thought would have been hopeless, but they were able to make it look like new. They were quick, courteous, & very reasonable. I would highly recommend them.

    Mary W. Avatar
    Mary W.

    positive review If you want your car/truck to look like new again after hail/dent damage this is the place to go. It makes a difference when the people care about their work that is finished. 👍👍

    ElRay Loyd Gilley Avatar
    ElRay Loyd Gilley
  • positive review Thanks for repairing that big dent! These guys do work magic! My car door looks brand new! See the photo. And their customer service is fantastically awesome!! Picked up my car this morning and delivered it back this afternoon. Thanks again!!

    Kim Clack Avatar
    Kim Clack

    This place is absolutely amazing! I honestly wasn't planning on getting my car repaired here. My insurance was conducting their inspections at this location. I spoke with the owner, and he was so genuinely kind and so is his employees. My car looks brand new after enduring a hail storm with over 100 dents resulting from it. When receiving my car, it had also been detailed as well. When I say detailed, I'm not talking about the drive through some water that the car dealership gives when they give you an oil change. My interior sparkled just as well as the exterior. If they did more than hail and small dent repair I would absolutely becoming a regular customer.

    Aijalon Range Avatar
    Aijalon Range

    There's a reason why I traveled 26 miles to have Bodyguard Paintless Dent Repair, repair my door ding. Jonathan and his staff are so professional and courteous. You are greeted with a smile. The front desk and waiting area is so clean and well lit. I like that there are large glass windows that allow you to see the vehicles being worked on, and that area is also spotless!

    Thank you, Jonathan for taking the time to explain to me the repair procedure even though my repair was minimal in comparison with other major repairs I saw going on and for completing the work within the estimated time. Also, thank you Dwayne, you did an awesome job on my Subaru Forester.

    Both Jonathan and Dwayne are genuinely nice guys that care for their customers. I will definitely come back.

    r medina Avatar
    r medina


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